T Magazine

Brand Content

New York Times

Working collaboratively, our team created a collection of videos for NYT T Magazine online, spotlighting influencers of style and fashion. http://www.nytimes.com/video/t-magazine/


Profile in Style
This collection of “Profile of Style” short films was created exclusively for ‘T’, The New York Times Style Magazine’s website (www.tmagazine.com). Profiles included: Karl Lagerfeld, Chloe Sevigny and Agnes B.  Each film highlighted the artist’s source of inspiration, as well as their contemporary impact. The series was featured in art shows, including the internationally renowned Art Basel, and received a Webby Award nomination.

The Sign of the Time

This short film video collaboration with New York Times’ T Magazine Men’s Fashion issue is titled “The Sign of the Time.” It featured leading designers like Thom Brown, Prada and their peers as they explore the trend toward increasing femininity and sexualization in modern menswear. The film was enhanced by our designs to reflect the blurring boundaries of contemporary men’s fashion.

In the Air / Imaginary Worlds

This short firm focuses on some of today’s leading fashion designers’ vast realm of inspiration from the enchantment of magical places, medieval castles to storybook gardens, as creators focus on the narratives of familiar legends and folklore influences from their vision, to catwalk, to the high street.