The Making of the Mob: Chicago

Main Title Sequence

AMC / Stephen David Entertainment

Find your best pinstripe suit and get ready to be immersed into the world of Al Capone and the ‘Chicago Outfit’. For the eight-episode AMC docu-drama, The Making of the Mob: Chicago we created the dark, gritty, microfiche-based main title sequence exposing the underbelly of Chicago. Produced by Stephen David Entertainment, the series spans the better part of a century, featuring main players of the time such as the infamous Al Capone, his mentor Johnny Torrio, and well-known associates like Tony Accardo and Paul Ricca. Shots of these actors combined with authentic images from the period come together in the film-noir environment of the title sequence. In-depth, suave and methodic, the open will make you reach for your nearest tumbler glass and prepare you for a ride into the underworld!