Color&Co (from L’Oreal) is a brand new product featuring a collective of licensed colorists that specialize in at-home personalized hair color. Available across the US, the company links you directly with a colorist - actually has you talk with them - then you can receive unique hair color formulas, customized application instructions, and individual attention; all without stepping foot in the salon. The level of personalization and service to each customer is a first of its kind and a game-changer to the industry and it was an honor to be apart of it.

For over 2 years Adolescent worked closely on content creation for the new brand. The design company PENTAGRAM led the charge for the overall brand look while we jumped in to custom create hundreds of brand content assets (selects seen below). For such high levels of personalization, organization and logistics, it was critical the brand had content that captured this essence - but also elevated the extremely unique and fresh approach to hair coloring.



For an at-home system, clear, concise and entertaining how-to videos are critical to a brands success and customer satisfaction. We were focused on making a video experience easy and informative - exactly the vibe you want when attempting something intimidating like at-home color.



The brand offers an at home consultation and a video chat with an actual colorist - not only is the experience unique to consumers but a new way of engaging for the colorists. It was essential to create compelling videos (in similar fashion to the how-to) to show the colorists the ropes!



It is the 21st century - a Brand without a unique social presence could be losing from the start. On social media the content needs to be very quick, eye catching and direct. This wasn’t simply resizing and exporting, but carefully crafted design, animation and messaging within each piece that would also allow the client to run with things for many months / years to come.



Design style frame 01 for Color & Co social media


Design style frame 03 for Color & Co YouTube
Design style frame 06 for Color & Co YouTube


Design style frame 05 for Color & Co social Media Facebook