Show Packages, Promo and upfront

Ever since the large rebrand in 2017 - Oxygen has been creating content perfect for any true-crime lover. With so many series and specials out there in the genre, it has been essential for Oxygen to separate themselves from the masses, as the one-stop shop for all things true-crime - which is where we step in!

We have created several main titles for them since their rebrand, all specialized with their own tilt, running the gamut on true-crime Main Titles. From a more graphic animation style, to image based, to a live action shoot of a bloody wedding cake (not kidding!) we have custom created many different sequences that excite viewers for the episode they are about to watch. We are excited for the many more ahead!



Main Title

Back in the 70’s, there was the tragic story of a young woman from Greenwich CT gone missing and killed, despite a conviction, the case always had question marks. MURDER AND JUSTICE: THE CASE OF MARTHA MOXLEY is a re-look at this case, with new information coming to light in the last few years.

It was important to treat Martha’s story tastefully, representing the memory of her in a thoughtful manner. A dreamlike, weave state is created of memories from her childhood, resulting in a beautiful photo-real recreation of one of Martha. At the same time it is a true-crime series, so it had to fit within the overall Oxygen aesthetic, so we included teases to crime scene photos and a melodic, somewhat uneasy, animation style.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Edit driven Main Title design style frame 02



Main Title

Wedding toppers - fondant flowers - sharp knives - jelly ———lot’s of jelly. A Wedding and a Murder’s plot is all in the title, a marriage turned deadly. Each episode dedicated to a marriage that takes a horrible turn. For the main title it was important to highlight the contrast of the beauty and class from a marriage - with that of something as grim and gruesome as a murder. 

To capture the realism and detail we were going for, we built model wedding cakes filled with bright red jelly and shot it all in a day - 50 stabs later we had our sequence! Also it won a Gold at Promax Awards.





GFX Treatment

We don’t only do main titles! We supported Oxygen on their Upfront GFX treatment. This is the main showcase piece they used to sell at Upfronts - so it had to hit with a bang. All the channel’s content is strong and exciting as a standalone, so we were tasked with making GFX that can crank the piece up several notches but also feel within Oxygen branding.

Love & Hip Hop New York edit driven Main Title design style frame 02


Main Title

For many crimes, deception is at the origin of any case. A Lie To Die For is a docu-series surrounding a single lie that can result into a chain reaction of horrible events, ultimately leading to death. The idea of a domino effect and chain reaction feeling was important to consider, but ultimately went with an idea of “what lies beneath”, that uncovering the layers reveals the truth behind the surface.

For the quick sequence, we utilized semi-real paper texture tears over imagery, uncovering words such as FRAUD and LIAR. This mixed with the perfect audio gives the Oxygen feel at its finest!