The Simpsons



FXX delivers every Simpsons superfan’s fantasy, showing every episode ever in a non-stop marathon, the latest running for 13 days and celebrating 600 episodes! In our third year of collaborating with the FXX team, we created a set of seasonal bite-sized bumpers inspired by the crazy humor of ‘The Simpsons’. We combed through the rich history of the show for some of our favorite quirky moments and reinterpreted them as over-the-top animations. Homer’s donut obsession, Marge’s hair shake, the hypnotic effect of shaking Duff beer and for Thanksgiving of course, a Mr. Burns Turkey…

FXX Simpsons ID Turkey Style Frame 01
FXX Simpsons ID Smoking Style Frame 02
FXX Simpsons ID Dog Morphing Style Frame 03
FXX Simpsons ID Bee morph Style Frame 08
FXX Simpsons ID Turkey aftermath Style Frame 04


Stephanie Gibbons, President Marketing & On-Air Promotions
John Varvi, SVP On-Air Promotions
Steve Viola, SVP Broadcast Design
Ethan Adelman, VP On-Air Promotions
Amie Nguyen, Creative Director, Broadcast Design
Dara Barton, Director Production, Broadcast Design
Tom Cropper, Director On-Air Promotions


FXX Simpsons ID logo Style Frame 09